Fortinet - FortiManager - FortiManager - FMG-DEV-100-UG

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FortiManager-Device-Upgrade - FortiManager device upgrade license for adding 100 Fortinet devices/vdoms (3000 series and above - hardware only)

* Customers can purchase multiple FMG-DEV-100-UG. * This SKU allows customers to add more devices/vdoms. For example, one can scale up to 100,000 devices/vdoms on FMG-3700F. For FMG-3000F, one can scale up to 8000 devices/vdoms. * Support is already included in the SKU so no need to buy extra support.

FortiManager Automation-Driven Centralized Management Manage all your Fortinet devices in a single- console central management system. FortiManager provides full visibility of your network, offering streamlined provisioning and innovative automation tools. Integrated with Fortinet’s Security Fabric, the security architecture and FortiManager’s Automation Driven Network Operations capabilities provide a foundation to secure and optimize network security, such as provisioning and monitoring SD-WAN.

Manufacturer Datasheet: Fortinet - FortiManager - FortiManager - FMG-DEV-100-UG