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Device FortiCare

FortiCare device-based support is the foundation of the support services, providing firmware updates, technical support, and foundational FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies.

Two levels of support are available:

  • 24x7 FortiCare - covers you around the clock, for whenever you need technical support coverage. It includes web, chat, and telephone support to our global team. Hardware replacements are sent next business day shipping, ahead of you returning the original device. Foundational FortiGuard subscriptions for dynamic policies are included.
  • Advanced Support Engineer (ASE) - provides higher ticket servicing for faster starts and ticket resolution by providing direct access to the senior support resources.

Premium RMA

Planning for hardware faults can be difficult, and Fortinet has some options to help. When space is tight, plan on four-hour parts delivery. When you need help with a physical swap, choose four-hour parts with an engineer. We also have Secure RMA when you want to self-dispose.

Overview of FortiCare Support and Operational Services

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